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When Eric Cortis launched his company he started off with small domestic gypsum projects which he carried out himself.


Today the company has grown enough to accept not only domestic projects but also substantial commercial and industrial jobs of high quality. By concentrating on each and every individual project, our team of experienced Interior & Exterior Decorators produce and products of extremely high quality and pride themselves of the excellent standards throughout.

Why Decorative Gypsum Board & Metal Works?

From the very first visit on-site, expert quotations and professional suggestions ensure each project takes off on a good start and ultimately finishes on time, every time and with excellent results.

Gypsum Works -

Flat celiengs

Stepped celings



Wall units

Curved bulkheads

Wall linings



Metal Works -

Retail/Commercial Industrial

Search no further for your gypsum or metal works – Consult us today.

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